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Small Farm Foods

Westlock, AB, Canada
Westlock, AB
1/4 Side Local Beef
1/4 Side Local Beef

1/4 Side Local Beef

1/4 Side Local Beef-Cut, Wrapped & Delivered!


Approx. Weight: 115 lbs
Est. Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Weeks
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Our pricing includes cutting and wrapping in clear vac sealed packaging, and right to your door delivery! At Small Farm Foods we raise our animals naturally. That means no growth enhancers or hormones. Every single animal is loved and cared for by our family from birth to finish. Free grazing on grass in summer and fed a custom made oat and barley ration along with hay in winter, creating amazingly tender beef!

All products are government inspected.
Approximate list of cuts for a 1/4 side of beef:
26 lbs hamburger
8 lbs stew meat
30 lbs of roasts
48 lbs of steaks

Steak Cuts Include: T-bones, tenderloins, rib steak, round steak, minute steak, sirloins, chuck steak. (Steaks are packaged 2 per pack, 1 inch thick cuts)
Roasts Include: Sirloin, rump, cross rib. ( 3-4 lbs each)
Ground beef and stew meat comes in 1.5-2 lb packages.
Ribs are short